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add pluse and o2 monitoring and IOS 8 Health App interation

 I would love to be able to monitor my pulse and o2 levels like Withings does or better.  Having Asthma all my life it is something that I really would like to be able to have.  Also I would love to be able to have my Touch interact with Apples IOS 8 Health app

Any possible way this can happen?

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I would like to be a tester as well.

And I have the same problem - Thanks

Neil, My email address is


Hi Richard, 

We would also love for the Touch to be able to monitor heart rate and blood oxygen levels. This will require a new design for the device however that would incorporate a sensor to monitor pulse and blood oxygen levels on the underside of the device similar to what Withings currently offers. We are always looking for ways to expand the usability of our devices, but some functions like heart rate monitoring are limited by hardware specifications. Heart rate monitoring is definitely something we're looking into developing. I have added your request for blood oxygen levels monitoring to our feature request log, which is reviewed by our engineers. Thank you for writing in and letting us know you're interested. 



Striiv Customercare

How are things coming Neil on this feature?


Thanks Neil for reading this and answering my request.  This would greatly add to the value of the Touch


Neil any way I can become a beta tester for this?  I have been using Striiv for years and I had to learn to walk and talk again in Feb 2007 after a auto accident and I rely on it everyday.


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