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Looking for Striiv friends? Look here!

Do you need a little healthy competition to keep moving? You're in the right place. Let others know you're in the market for some Striiv friends here, and you can add each other as friends in the Striiv app. 

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Ready, set, let's go!!! I added you.
Hey, everyone, add me up if you want motivation.
Hi could use some friends to get me motivated.

I have no friends anybody please feel free to add me I'm from New Zealand

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New to Striiv, add me

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Yes please add me..

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I have just got the fusion bio 2. I would love some friends.

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Add me too jojy kuriakose

Add me Kelley Tindall
I need some friends on striiv!

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Looking for friends that do some walking that want some friendly competition. If you walk 5000 steps or better add me.
Try to add me to Amy !!
I tried to add you Amy but it didn't find you. Try to add me and see if it works

I will add you Amy, I can always have more friends.

I could use some friends

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