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Looking for Striiv friends? Look here!

Do you need a little healthy competition to keep moving? You're in the right place. Let others know you're in the market for some Striiv friends here, and you can add each other as friends in the Striiv app. 

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I could really use some friends. I work too much and don't move around enough. Trying to get better. Anybody interested in friending me?

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Kimbeerlee MacKay. My name is Kelley Tindall on STRIV. Darlene is my middle name and used to be on my FB. Anyway, thank you for adding me. Need all the STRIV friends I can get

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Thanks Darlene! You too! :)

Welcome! I added you. Have fun, stay active.

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Add me! Brand new and need friends please!!

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Please Add me. My name on striiv account is "Ajay Singh" Thanks :)


Add me

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Please add me I am new and need some competition!!!
Add me Jessica Jean I'm new and all lol
Add me please
I would love to have people to walk with. I live in Tulsa, OK.

Add me! :)

Feel free to add me!
Add me :D
iOS striiv user looking for healthy competition! Add me up :)
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